November 23, 2008 - Leave a Response

The wisdom of the crowd rulez.

Respect, James Surowiecki.


Why empowering?

Web 2.0 – in spite of many deprecating voices: ‘web 2.0 did not bring any new technology, just put existing things together in a more popular way’ – did in fact bring a revolutionary change.

Web 2.0 has ENABLED everyday users to connect to each other in an unprecedent way and efficacy, challenging or leaving out many middlemen, making the community stronger.

The next logical step is extending this experience beyond the p2p, and EMPOWER the community to extend its newly found capacity to make difference: make innovations, deliberate options and take actual decisions in a broad range of political, social and business issues.

As it was true with the Web 2.0, most technological elements already available, what is needed is the smart fine-tuning of those scenes, where knowledge aggregation, deliberation and decision making can take place, and the strong advocacy and commitment to this issue to make all sorts of leaders embrace the wisdom of the crowd.